September 2016 Hip Kit – Sneak Peek #1

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I can’t believe that our September Hip Kit reveal is only a few days away! You are going to LOVE what we have in store for you!!! Here is a little glimpse of what you will see in our September Kits. What do you think?!? I will be back tomorrow with another sneak, so be sure to stop by so you don’t miss out! xoxo Kimberly

Sneak 1



Hi everyone, Amy here today sharing with you a quick and easy mini book. I’m at the end of my July Hipkits now, you know the moment right? You’ve used up most of your favourite papers and your go-to embellishments. You start sorting your leftovers into piles: things to go into your stash, things to give away, and so on. Well, I decided this week (as I waited patiently-ish for my August Hipkits to arrive) that I’d see what I could make with what I had left from July. A mini book seemed like the perfect idea!


Because I’m a pocket scrapper, I usually find that I have quite a few papers left over at the end of my kits (some whole, others half-used). I usually use them to make planner inserts and dividers, but this week I cut them down into 4×6 inch pieces and punched each piece at the top using a normal two whole punch. I then used a ring to hold the pages together, but a piece of string or ribbon would work just as well – whatever you have in your stash.







My theme for this mini was motivational Pinterest quotes. I thought this would be a great book to flick through on days when I needed a little push, or cheering up. Some of the quotes I hand wrote and others I stamped; I decided to not use photographs, too. I wanted this to be a ‘tech-free’ project, and as I didn’t have any photographs already prepared I made do without. Sometimes it’s great to just work on something using whats in front of you, without having to upload and plan and edit and print.


I kept all of the pages really simple, using the last embellishments I had from July. I created a little pocket for my Starbucks card using vellum from the Cardstock kit, and made a tassel from a little piece of wool – but nothing fussy!


Thanks for stopping by and good luck on all of your mini book adventures!

Amy Challis