You light up my life | Anna Komenda

Hello Hip Kit fans. It’s Anna here with my last inspiration with April 2016 kits. I squeezed them like a lemon creating about 12 projects. And I still didn’t killed them.


My inspiration to create this layout were june cut files designed by Kim Watson. This bulb is just adorable. And I really like the inscription too. I had that ode to use vellum and create kind of a shaker pocket. I filled it with glitter and sequins. I used one of the Amy Tangerine’s “Better together” papers from main kit to cut my bulb. I wanted it to be light and airy.


I didn’t have much choice with my background papers as I already used most of them in my previous projects but this Elle’s Studio “Little momets” grey paper was just perfect. Luckily I had a paper add-on kit so I could stretch number of projects created with the kits.


Oce again I used butterflies from Maggie Holmes “Bloom” collection paper. I fussy cut them and placed them on my page. Wooden jar from MME wood veneers set from Project Life kit was also a perfect match with lovely picture of my daughters. I took it more than three years ago but it feel like it was yesterday. Time flies so fast. Too fast.


Acrylic little stars from Embellishment kit are so cute. I had few left so I added them on my title. I love the texture they add to the page.


That’s all for today. My may kits arrived yesterday and now I will dive into them with a real pleasure. I have so many ideas what to make with them so stay tuned for the next week.

See You on Facebook.

xoxo Anna

Anna Komenda

Trendy way to add 8 photos to your layout!

Today being “Focus on Photos”day was the perfect opportunity to scrap a selection of everyday photos. These eight, were captured from a typical store visit when the children were younger. Mundane was never an issue for us when when needing to buy groceries…these two were always up to some sort of mischief. I am so happy with my choice to freshen up this multi photo page by printing them in 2” square photo strips.

Extra Special . Happy . Family Time by Kim Watson

KimWatson+Extra Special+HKC04

Using the fun April kits, I selected orange, yellow & pink accents, that when placed on the Elle’s Studio patterned paper, created a soft ombre effect. Notice how I followed the vertical pattern on the paper when laying out the page elements? It gives the page a fabulous graphic feel. By laying vellum strips on the base page along the stripes & attaching them with zigzag stitching and placing embellishments in little clusters, I was able to soften things nicely.

KimWatson+Extra Special+HKC02

Looking for a great way to add visual interest? Try positioning rubber charms, sticker labels, wood veneer accents and resin badges in horizontal positions off the  photo strips, like little flags, breaking the obvious vertical lines.

KimWatson+Extra Special+HKC03

A mixture of hand written journaling, pre-printed text from the Pinkfresh Studios washi pack & typed text…really mixes things up for even more page interest. Everyday memory keeping doesn’t have to be ordinary. Try my idea of B&W photo strips for a fresh take on multi photo scrapbooking.

<<Be sure to check out the Hip Kit Club Instagram account for my process video>>

Thank you for stopping by. Happy Monday!

KJ DT graphic


Make your Planner work for You

It’s Cara here today with some more planner goodness using the April 2016 kits.

I’m in my Happy Planner this week and I’ve got some tips for you. Now normally these new HP’s don’t start until July, but I was watching Shanni Plannermania on scope and we were all brainstorming ways to be able to use the planner now and not have to wait until July to use this beauty.

In the video below I share my version and my hacks:

Here are some photos of my week before the pen:




I used stickers from Shimelle’s Star Shine line from American Crafts, letter stickers and patterned paper from Elle’s studio, skinny washi and gold rub ons are from Amy Tangerine for American Crafts and there are some washi stickers as well, from Pink Fresh Studio.

I also made some adorable planner clips! 😀


I’m completely obsessed with planner clips at the moment 😉 For that square one, I used the wooden clip from the wood veneer pack from Simple Stories and two of the Epoxy stickers from PinkFresh Studios. I took two stickers that are the same size and shape and backed them on either side of the clip. I did add a bit of foam between them to make up for the thickness of the clip.


Next up are two clips using the exclusive Hip Kit Flair by Kim Watson.


I did add circle punches from the Amy Tangerine paper to cover the glue and top of the clip.


Last little project is a to-do list that I punched so that I can pop easily in and out of my Happy Planner.

I’m going to use pencil so that I can re-use it in future weeks, but laminating it and using a dry erase pen would work too. It’s made from the ‘to do’ exclusive 4×6 PL card by Kim Watson.


I added a 3×4 card to the back and added some washi and rub-ons that matches my spread, both from Amy Tangerine. I hand cut some hearts from the Amy Tan and Elle’s Studio papers.


I hope that this has helped you tweak your planner so that it works harder so that you don’t have to!

Have a fantastic day.

Cara Vincens-2

Pet Week : Cat-On-The-Go!

Hello crafters far & wide…this week on the Hip Kit Blog we are sharing projects that document the furry friends, wild or otherwise, we might have in our lives. You will find a super mixture of techniques, subject matter & plethora of ideas, sure to spark your next crafty project!

My project, Cat On The Go! has been created using the gorgeous April 2016 kits! It documents finding our little black cat one year whilst on vacation, this little guy all alone in the world, decided to make us his forever family & tagged along for the rest of the vacation. The nine hour car trip home didn’t faze him at all, he sat on Cassidy’s lap, soaking in her loves & slept. He was born to eat, be loved & be a car trip cat 🙂

 Take a look at the details!


I used a brayer to apply layers of yellow Shimmerz Mist to the Elle’s Studio paper, giving the page an overall bright, fun vibe. It was the perfect base for the rest of my elements!

A little extra diagonally placed splatter, balanced things nicely. Notice how the navy & black stars add much needed anchor points?


A selection of PL cards made up most of the layering underneath the photos. They were just the right size & added fun patterns & colors to the page. Carefully placed wooden accents, create a visual triangle, framing the photos.


The Amy Tangerine clear alphabet stickers coordinate so well with the doodled vibe of the heart paper & add black to the page without being overbearing!


The Pinkfresh Studio frame & acetate die cut sentiment, add super  texture & interest to the clusters. I love how the Shimelle sticker strips are a quick way to incorporate pops of color, as well as adding secondary titles; they actually help tell the story.

                             For a process video of the page, be sure to check out my                                    Instagram  account:

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Remember to check our FB page as well as the blog all week long for great inspiration from our design team!

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Pet Week: Document Their Drawings

Hello everyone, Christin here today to share with you a new layout with the 2016 April Kits.  What do you do when you don’t have any pets of your own or any nearby, well you get your kids to draw some of their favorite animals. Luckily I have a 6 year old who loves to draw. The first things she does when she wakes up in the morning is sitting down by her crafts table in the living room. She has her spot (and I don’t – I have to scrap in the basement…..)

christin gronnslett hip kit may 15th001.jpg

I often photograph her little drawings and post them on Instagram, but I have yet to scrapbook any.  In case you didn’t know I am not too much of a documentary scrapbooker (should have thought so being that I am an historian…), instead I scrapbook mostly moods and feelings, but I do journal on my pages – by hand….  My journaling is also under the Elle’s studio and Pinkfresh Studio letters.  I also added some journaling on top of the page in a fuzzy cutted butterfly from the exclusive Project Life cards in the April 2016 PL kit.

christin gronnslett hip kit may 15th005.jpg

My approach to scrapbooking might differ from many – I don’t like using lots of big photos on my page – then I feel my page is so messy and my eyes just wander without finding one main focal point.  So my choice for wanting to scrap several photos is combining them (I use Photoscape) and printing them in 4×6.   This is also the reason you don’t see me scrap with a patterned paper as a background – I just can’t seem get my pictures to stand out when I scrap using that.  When it comes to design principals I recently discovered that I actually use a lot of them – just without paying much attention to them when I create, II just discover them after I am finished.    I have taken a few personality tests and one things that stands out is my use of Intuition and I don’t like things that are square. I need flexibility and freedom and I don’t like exact things – including things like math….So my personality shows in my layouts.  But on the other hand I don’t like to get to messy so my backgrounds are pretty controlled – I NEVER spray with the mists.  I don’t allow myself a big enough space when I create to spray with mists – phone, computer and all kits would be covered in color otherwise and I don’t want..

christin gronnslett hip kit may 15th002.jpg

A few of the principle I have a few thoughts on are alignment, repetition/rhythm, balance, contrast and flow

So one design principle that I have trouble with is making things very linear – the idea of alignment. Well – you might call 1×3 pics in a row linear – but that is as far as I go. I don’t use a cutter for my papers or my pictures – I use a pair of scissors – I just don’t care that things are not straight – I prefer the messy look.  I actually try to avoid lines, which is why you often see layers of doily paper, cut cardstock or basically anything that would disrupt the lines.  This is also why I don’t get stressed with deadlines – I don’t spend lots of time thinking of should I put this here or there… What takes time for me is the starting process – what should I do/make – after that things come easy….     Take a time and think of how your personality reflects your style of scrapbooking – are you in need of control and urge to document or are you more free and wild and use scrapbooking more as therapy ?

When it comes to choosing colors and thinking in terms of a color wheel – well – then that is pretty much decided for us, right in the kit ??  And Kimberly does an excellent job with that every month.  We still get lots of colors to choose from.   I have never used a color wheel, if asked I couldn’t say which colors shouldn’t go with which according to the wheel, but I have my preferences with colors. There are a few colors I often leave out when I scrap. I don’t like to scrap using purple, red and darker greens.  About purple – I rarely have any materials with that color. Red is also a difficult color for me – I don’t have enough mists, color products in the tones I like and if I try to make anything I might end up with something I don’t like – the same goes for green.  I also prefer to use pretty light colors when I scrap but adding a few layers of darker paper every other layer to create some contrast.  Not only do I choose lighter colors when I start out, I also start out with very few colors on my cardstock and then I add more if I am happy with it.  When I create my backgrounds I would never drop pink on blue/green while it was wet – then you get purple. So if I want to have both pink and blue/green I always try to add the opposite color after all the first layers are dry so it will not bleed and mix.   I also try not to use the same color on two layers on top of each other – unless all are the same color but different tones… I love using tone on tone.  Why – I want each paper to show (if only just a little..) and they might get lost if you don’t contrast each layer.  You want the layers to mean something – build up to the most exciting part about the layout – the pictures.    Apparently you shouldn’t use colors in equal proportions either, it’s better to choose one dominant color and then a secondary and an accent color. (gallon-pint-quart approach).

christin gronnslett hip kit may 15th003.jpg

More on pictures. First I wish I was a better photographer and had better light indoor and outdoor – the sun is always so low so it’s hard to get bright pictures without harsh shadows.   I want my pictures to stand out. If I pick pictures with lots of things happening in them I feel they lose the focal point I want to give them.  Since I want to express something – a mood or a feeling with my pictures rather just document it as said earlier – I really want my pictures to stand out.  But how to I do that when I want lots of pictures. First I of course crop my pictures.  In these pictures you can clearly see how I tried to just have a light background.  And I picked the brightest one to be bigger to have it stand out.  Outside I prefer to have more colors in the background. My kids don’t let me take many and I don’t get to choose my background, but I really prefer that my background has few contrasts – again so I can focus on the most important thing in the photo.  If my photo isn’t very good I try to add more photos in a series to get away that the pics are not that good. I tend to divide my pics into “strong” and “weak” photos and only the strong ones I can use with bigger versions. The weak photos are the ones who are more noisy in terms of colors – lots of them, lack of contrast, long distance, unnecessary objects in the photos – things that are hard to crop out.  If I still want to scrap these – I go black and white and try to add more contrast and a wider white edge around the photo.   The strong photo on the other hand I feel are the photos your eyes are really drawn to, and everything you add with embellishment or anything in a way fades in comparison. For these pictures don’t overdo it with embellishment,  you don’t want to steal the thunder…   You want the emphasis be on the pictures which tells a story.  The pics I chose for this layout are a mix, not all of them land in the strong category, and just one picture doesn’t say much. Here I have added a process – from how my daughter looks when she draws – how proud she is of her drawing and closeups of what she made.   If you combine pictures it’s a good idea to start with the whole picture and then go deeper and deeper.   The design principle closest to the idea of multiple pictures in a row is the idea of repetition or getting a rhythm in the page. That is why it’s better to have to pictures close to each other instead of widely placed on the page.

If you remember one the challenges from last weekends crop – Kim Watson hosted a challenge using a visual triangle – and using an odd number of picture.  This kind of layout are usually perfect for those small Instagram pictures.  You want to balance things in your layout.   Your designs don’t have to be symmetrical balance – you could do more asymmetrical if you like, and it’s apparently better to have things on the right side than on the left and better to have it on top than bottom.

christin gronnslett hip kit may 15th004.jpg

As mention a little earlier – the idea of adding contrasts in important to me and is a design principle to have in mind.  You can add contrast by using different fonts, different lines,  different shapes, different colors.   Here you see  I used different fonts in different colors.

The concept of flow is also kind of present in the layout. You start from the top with the pictures and then your yes go down the page to the title and last the journaling.   Usually when I create I keep the layers a bit tighter but since I had such a narrow field of colors in the midle I wanted to work against that and widen the area with paper to get that flow.

I hope you get some ideas on how to look at your photos and scrapbooking.

Christin Gronnslett dt

Be You Layout | Tarrah McLean

Hi there Hip Kit friends!

It’s Tarrah back with today! I have another scrapbook layout to share with you using the April 2016 Hip Kits and the April exclusive Floral Ampersand cut file designed by Kim Watson.

I decided to cut the cut file out from the Elle’s Studio ‘Little Moments’ pink ombre paper and I love the result! I then backed the cut file with the back side of the exclusive Just Dream ‘Horizon’ paper. I love how the yellow dots peek through the cut file a little.

Be YouI used foam to add dimension and to lift the cut file off the page, this gave me a great opportunity to tuck some flowers and other embellishments in and around my layout. My brief for my project this week is ‘Pretty Blooms’ so it was the perfect chance to use the floral ampersand cut and tie it together with all those pretty flower rub-on’s.Be You Detail (2)I also added some wood veneer from the Simple Stories ‘Life in Color’ collection and some Pinkfresh Studio ‘Life Noted’ acetate words that I machine stitched to the layout. Be You Detail 3I added a few other things like the My Minds Eye ‘On Trend 2’ enamel dots and the Heidi Swapp flag clips from the April 2016 Embellishment Add-On Kit and Project Life Kit for extra interest. That gorgeous large yellow butterfly I fussy cut from one of the exclusive Project Life cards that Kim Watson and Kimberly Hutchinson designed, I love that butterfly!Be You Detail 2 (2)I finished the layout by adding some splats of mist from the April 2016 Color Add-On Kit, using the Shimmerz Coloringz in both the No Yoking and the Oh Say Can You Sea!

Thank you so much for joining me on the Hip Kit blog today!

Happy creating!

Tarrah McLean

Our Little Star Layout + Card | Raquel Bowman

Hey everyone, Raquel here again today with a new layout and card to share with you all using the April Hip Kits and April cut files.

I really  wanted to document my little ones weekly visit to a literacy based playgroup and thought the exclusive April Star cut files would be perfect for this as she is of course a little star! ha. I had taken this picture at the lessons one day in the hope that I would document it, so I am pleased that I have that memory down now for her to reflect on when she is older.


I layered the Shimelle ‘well done’ Clear Sticker from the Starshine collection onto vellum and then onto white card stock to help it stand out. I also embellished with the sweet Amy Tangerine Better Together rub ons, the My Minds Eye On Trend enamel dots, the Simple Stories Life Documented veneer and the super teeny tiny exclusive acrylic stars. I added further detail to the top cluster by adding some white stitching in a messy way.


I had been waiting to find a perfect layout to use these Simple Stories Life Documented veneer paperclips. I was able to weave the exclusive cut apart pieces into it to give it further detail. I also added to the right of the photo a Pinkfresh Studio frame and rubber shapes from the Life Noted collection.


There was a small bit of negative space on the photo in the bottom left corner so I used a combination of the Elle’s Studio black alphabet stickers and the bright and fun Pinkfresh Studio yellow alphas to create it.


I love to tell our stories through our pages so if you are new to Hip Kits you may not know that one of my favourite things to use is my typewriter. You can sometimes find them at local charity or antique stores, this one was picked up for me from an Antique store at a really good price. It is perfect for adding my story in a quick but effective way. I added a line of stitching through the center of the journaling strips to add detail and also to allow me to bend up the ends a little for a touch of dimension.


How beautiful and bright do those Amy Tangerine Better Together ‘goodness’ rub on look? I have nearly finished the pack which is a bit of a rarity with me and rub ons. The vertical strips to the left of the page are made up of the exclusive Kim Watson paper and a branding strip from one of the Elle’s Studio Little Moments collection papers in the Main Kit.


The cut files themselves were super easy to back and less time consuming than some I do. This is because I backed the whole star in the one patterned paper or vellum. The largest star also has a layer of vellum from the card stock kit  to soften the patterned paper underneath. All you need to do to back the files is glue them good sides facing up onto the pattern you desire and simply cut around them with a fine tip scissor. The photo layer is adhered with foam to the page and contains a couple of paper layers. I love the bright pops of colour mixed with the white card stock; so fresh and fun!


I also decided to create a 4×6″ card from my scraps in the collection, an extra star cut file, and other contents from the Main, Embellishment and Project Life kits . For the base of the card I used a piece of the Fountain card stock from the extra card stock kit. Some of the stars are also fussy cut from the exclusive patterned paper by Kim Watson.


I hope you have enjoyed this post today. Have you received your May Kits yet? Oh my I cannot wait to get my hands on them!

Raquel Bowman

Colorful butterflies – BEA Valint

Hey everyone, BEA here today with a new layout using the April Kits. The photo of my son and his cousins inspires this layout. This two little girls live so far from us, but they visit us every summer and we spend lovely days togeather. This relationship is very important for my kids, these days are the most beautiful memories of them in every summer. I wanted to reflect them happiness in my layout with adding colorful elements on it.


To begin, I chosed a lovely pink Amy Tangerine patterned paper for my layout and spiced up the background with embossed circles on the wellum paper. For adding some colors to the fussy cutted Maggie Holmes butterflies I painted some Silhouette cutted butterflies with Gelatos and layered them one other.



I draw around the butterflies for creating a similar outlined cutfile to the MH butterflies. You can download this cutfile from here.Képernyőfelvétel (49)

I used the Hip Kit Club free cut file as the title of my page, you can find this free cut file on the Hip Kit Club website under the downloads button. To create dimensions to the title, adhered foam dots at the bottom.




You can check the whole process in the video:

My other project is a card I made for a sweet friend of mine. I used Pink Fresh studio paper from my April Main Kit . I folded it into a heart shape, when my friend will open it, she will find a little surprise inside.

sárga képeslap

Thank you for coming by! I hope you’ll find inspiration through a photo when you scrap next.
Xoxo BEA

bea valint

Feelin’ Awesome Using Wood Veneer!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’m here today sharing one last layout that I created using the April 2016 Hip Kits. I wanted to focus on using some of the lovely wood veneer pieces from  the Simple Stories “Life Color” collection that’s available in the April 2016 Embellishment Kit and the My Mind’s Eye “My Story” Wood Veneer Shapes that are available in the April 2016 Project Life Kit on this layout. While you can color or alter wood veneer using ink or embossing powder, I chose to leave mine “as is” for my earthy-toned page.


I used the large ampersand cut file (available in the April 2016 Downloads) designed by the lovely and talented Kim Watson and cut it out on a piece of white card stock. After I cut out the ampersand, I used the two Shimmerz Coloringz Vibrant Mists from the April 2016 Color Kit to give it more of a mixed media look. I layered the cut file on top of the b-side of the Maggie Holmes “Bloom” Flutter patterned paper from Crate Paper (available in the April 2016 Paper Kit) and placed my photo strip on top, near the middle of my page.


I typed my journaling on my computer and placed it under one of the Pinkfresh Studio “Life Noted” Epoxy Stickers (available in the April 2016 Project Life Kit) and layered one of the My Mind’s Eye Wood Veneer Stickers at the top of my photo strip. I also added a few of the Shimelle “Star Shine” Phrase and Alphabet Stickers that are also in the April 2016 Project Life Kit around my photo strip as well.


I added my title using the Black Mini Alphabet Stickers from Elle’s Studio (available in the April 2016 Project Life Kit) and one of the Pinkfresh Studio “Life Noted” Acetate Words that’s included in the April 2016 Main Kit. I added a wood veneer butterfly from My Mind’s Eye, a camera wood veneer shape from Simple Stories, and a couple of the My Mind’s Eye “On Trend 2” Enamel Dots near my title to help draw the eye around my page.


I completed my page by sprinkling a little black spray ink around my layout to coordinate with the black letter stickers in my title and to add a little extra pop of color. I just love how well the earthy colors coordinate with the wood veneer elements on this layout! What are some ways you’ve used the wood veneer shapes from the April Kits? I’d love to see so be sure and share your creations with us in our Facebook Member Forum!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Adrienne Alvis Graphic


Sketchy-fun and documenting life

Hey Everyone!

Ashley here, back with two of my final projects from the April 2016 kits that I hope you’ll love as much as I loved creating them.

The first project I have is a layout, using this amazing sketch by Ashley Horton.


I love me some triangles, but I often have a difficult time scrapbooking more than one photo, so this was a fun challenge for me!

Y’all!!! I have created so many projects with these kits. For this layout, I used the main kit, embellishment kit, paper kit, and PL kit. I also used my DIY Embellishments that I created for my challenge on NSD—check out my vid, if you haven’t already seen it!

I used a white background, which is nothing unusual for me. I cut various sizes of triangles and started to adhere them to my page, then stitched some of them using my sewing machine. I added my photos on pop-dots, and started to embellish. The sketch shows that the title is overlapping the triangles, but since I wanted to use some more of those amazing Pinkfresh Studio acetate pieces from the main kit. I used some of the Pretty Little Studio (Baby Jack) and Shimelle Laine (Starshine) alphas from the PL Kit, and some of the Amy Tangerine (Better Together) washi from the main kit.

Scrapbook Layout May 9IMG_2557


Hope y’all love this one and don’t forget to check out the entire process on YouTube!


For my second project, I created my VERY FIRST 9X12 spread for 2016!!!!! YAY!!! I’m getting caught up. Slowly, but surely.

I just love how simple this spread was, and it took no time at all.

I used the HKC exclusive cards by Kim Watson that came in the April 2016 PL kit as well as various elements from the main kit, paper kit, and embellishment kit.

I would have to say that my favorite parts must be the simple touches that the Amy Tangerine (Better Together) washi adds, as well as the DIY embellishments that I created for NSD.

PL spread May 9IMG_2554

I’ll be back soon, using the May 2016 kits—which I am SUPER EXCITED about!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot. I obviously have a video for this spread. Y’all know I love me some YouTube.